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About the Gruberova Fan Page

About Edita Gruberova
Is the site official?
Contributors, credits, copyright
About the designer/maintainer
Privacy policy
About Edita Gruberova:
Edita Gruberova is an opera singer. By voice type she is a soprano. She is called by critics and fans as "The Queen of Coloratura", "The Queen of Belcanto", "L'Unica" and "La Santa di Bratislava". If you would like to know more about her, please explore these pages. You can read biographies and interviews in the Literature section.
The main objectives of this fan page are providing up-to-date info about Ms. Gruberova, paying tribute to her art, and facilitating contact and cooperation between her fans.
Is the site official?
Yes and no. The site is official in the sense that it has been created with the consent of Ms. Gruberova.  However, neither she, nor her agent, record company, nor any other party officially associated with her is responsible for the contents. In that sense, the contents are not official. Every reasonable effort has been made to achieve accuracy of the info presented here, and to keep it up-to-date. However, accuracy is not absolutely guaranteed, and no responsibility is assumed for the information and/or the services on pages linked with external links.
Contributors, credits, copyright:
List of contributors (in alphabetical order):
Núria Alavedra
Alfred Amann
Emmanuel von Arx
Alessandro Astarita
Michal Augustin
Thomas Bagusat
Dr. László Balog
Alex Beascoechea
Iván Benda
Christian Berner
Marc Birolichie
Fabrizio Borgioli
Antonio Bosco
Rosemarie Brodd
Luis Catoni
Walter Chen
Giovanni Christen
Marcin Dabrowski
Marcello D'Antonino
Jeanne Doomen
Elísabet Einarsdóttir
Karl Engel
Pere F`abregas i Salis
Alberto Favaretto
Inge Fürbacher
Frederick Van Gysegem
Florian Heurich
Toru Hirasawa
Anne Hammerschmidt
Patricia Hohmann
Marco Impallomeni
Kanai Isamu
Peter Jenkins
Sacha Kalchofner
Riku-Matti Kinnunen
Christian Kofmel
Lukasz Koperski
Margit Kulhanek
David Kutz
David J. Lane
Gernot Langs
David Lawton
Zsolt Lendvai
Martin Liepmann
Giampaolo Lomi
Bruce MacDonald
Tim Maczynski
Olivier Marc
André Meinunger
Michał Młynek
Emese Nagy
Nakamura Akira
Nakamura Hideo
Maxime Neyret
Anh Tuan Nguyen
Richard Norman
Sabine Padberg
Guido Palmieri
Dr. Hubert Partl
Reinhard Pinter
Jordi Pujal
Fred Rasing
Paula Rewers
Marcel Riedo
Clemens Risi
Peter Röhner
Bernice Rutzki
Zoltán Sánta
Klaus Schick
Bernd Schmieden
Chris Schneider
Britta Schönhart
Joachim Schumann
Dieter Joseph Schweisthal
Maria Antònia Serradell
Martin Stenzel
Gilles Taillefer
Daniel Thiel
Ruth Tipton
Josep Torra
Richard Valentin
György Visontay
Péter Visontay
Rudolf U. Weber
Cai Xinyu
György Zathureczky
Miro Zaujec

Many thanks to everyone! (also to those whom I forgot to list...)
Further contributions are welcome.

Credits, copyright:
Cover photo by courtesy of Nightingale Classics (photographer: Susie Knoll).

For the material published on this site, the name of authors / creators / copyright holders have been listed (when known). The maintainer respects copyright and strives to obtain permission of the copyright holders before publishing any material. If you find that your copyright has accidentally been violated on these pages, please contact the maintainer who will correct the error.
Unless otherwise indicated, the design, text, graphics and source code of these pages are in the copyright of the maintainer. Except for short quotes within the limits of fair use, the re-publishing of any material found on this site, for any other than non-profit use, is prohibited without the written permission of the copyright holder.
The predecessor (first version) of the Fan Page came online on February 1, 1996 (on another website), and the page has been in continuous operation since. After re-design, it was moved to this website in October 2001. The predecessor of the page has received the "Klassik Online Award" from the Klassik Online magazine.  
Klassik Online Award

About the designer/maintainer of the page:
Concept, design and maintenance by Katalin Szabó, a fan of Edita Gruberova.
Privacy policy
The website does not use any cookies. The maintainer has no access to information through which the visitor can be tracked (IP address etc.).
The public fan list is based on personal requests to be included in the list. You can request at any time the deletion or modification of your data, and these requests will be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.
The mailing list is not public, it has not been and will not be disclosed to any third party (unless required by law). It is based on personal requests to be included in the list. You can request at any time the deletion or modification of your data, and these requests will be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.
The list of contributors is a thank-you list, but, if you wish to have your name removed, you can ask the maintainer to do so, and your request will be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.
The designer/maintainer is a private person, not a company.

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