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Broadcasts, telecasts

This page is an attempt to give info on forthcoming and downloadable/replayable radio broadcasts and telecasts (especially of performances which are commercially unavailable). The list is by no means complete. Contributions are expected and warmly welcome.
Video of a fabulous concert (Bratislava, 1997) Youtube version
Czech radio interview (recorded in 2018 in Prague)
Video report of the 2019 China tour (with footage from Beijing)
E.G.'s 1974 recording of Emil Berlanda's Cantata is freely available online (CD1, tracks 4-7)
Live Rigoletto excerpt from 1983 with Renato Bruson, Vienna: (available for a few days) Details
TV report about the masterclass in Bad Häring in July 2019 (the video was shot on 10-Jul). The 22-Dec-2017 opera gala (Budapest) on video
Interview on Czech Radio (originally broadcast on 15-Apr-2019)
TV report/interview about the Lucias of 9 & 13-Feb-2019 in Budapest
Short video documentary about the 9-Feb-2019 Lucia in Budapest: E.G. in the Erkel Theatre
The TA3 TV has telecast a documentary (in Slovak) about E.G. in the "Bravo" series (2019). It is now available online. You can download the trailer here
The TA3 TV has telecast a documentary ("Bravo") on 21-Dec, about the 16-Dec-2018 Christmas concert in Bratislava. It is available in the archives
The 16-Dec-2018 Christmas concert in Bratislava was telecast by the TA3 TV live on the Net. The recorded concert
Japan tour, October/November 2017:
Video interviews of the Hungarian State Opera:
Video report/interview: E.G. in the role of Lucia in Japan (in German with Hungarian subtitles) the same report on Facebook
The prompter (in Hungarian)
Video messages to fans in Osaka and Nagoya
TV report about E.G. & the 17-Dec concert in Vienna (available in the archives for a few days) (in TV magazine "České & Slovenské Ozveny" of ORF2 Wien)
Broadcasts on the occasion of the 70th birthday: see also the News page
The "Vien diletto" cabaletta (I Puritani, Met, 30-Jan-1991) in France Musique's broadcast The whole performance is available in iTunes
On the occasion of the 30-Nov-2016 concert in Prague: Radio interview Video interview excerpts: about the programme about the beginning of her career in Slovakia (in Czech)
Excerpt from the 16-Nov-2016 concert in Berlin, with interview YouTube version
A few moments of the Viva Musica Festival in Bratislava (see 0:57 - 1:11 for moments of the 22-Jul-2016 recital)
Video: "Spiel' ich die Unschuld vom Lande" (Fledermaus) from the Prague Proms concert of 28-Jun-2016
Article & audio report on the masterclass in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (June 2016) Direct link to audio files: version 1 version 2 version 3
Radio interview: E.G. about Nikolaus Harnoncourt (7-March-2016, interview by Eva Schramm)
Excerpts from the 31-Jan-16 Budapest recital were broadcast on Bartó Rádió on 6-Apr from 14:00 till 15:00. You can replay the programme from the archives for a limited time (click on the time to play).
The "Edita Gruberová und Gäste" concert was broadcast live from Munich by BR Klassik on 9-Dec-2015. Replay the broadcast Detailed programme
Related: rehearsal video Youtube version video interview Youtube version
2015 TV interview on ARD-alpha:
Replay from the archives (probably available only from Germany) Other archive link (also restricted)
Video interview from 2008 (in Czech, see transcript under "Titulky") Youtube version
The 23-Oct-2015 Anna Bolena was streamed live from Vienna, on
Video interview published by the Vienna State Opera (from Oct-2014)
Audio interview on the occasion of the "Tudor Queens" concert in Munich (December 2014) Direct link to audio file
Audio collage on the occasion of the Dortmund prize (December 2014)
Hungarian interview by Sándor Friderikusz on the Hungarian ATV channel (recorded in September 2013, first broadcast on 12-Dec-2013)
Video: a few seconds of the autograph session in Baden-Baden, 27-Nov-2013 (from 6:40)
Audio interview on the occasion of the 9-Nov-2013 recital in Munich Direct link to mp3 file
Anna Bolena in Košice in September 2013: TV interview (in Slovak) & rehearsal excerpts
E.G. has given an interview to the Hungarian channel TV2. It was telecast on 9-Sep-2013 in the small hours. It is available online at
Video: Micro-interview in Košice about the forthcoming Anna Bolena (Sep-2013)
Podcast: Radio interview about the forthcoming "Straniera" premiere (starts at 10:47) (Swiss radio SRF2) (20-Jun-2013)
Austrian TV interview (14-Feb-2013)
Catalan radio programme about E.G. Direct link to mp3 file (Jan-2013)
Austrian radio broadcast on 3-Jan-2013 (an excerpt is available)
Video interview with concert excerpt, on the occasion of the 4-Oct-2012 concert in Liège
On 5-Sep-2012 an interview was broadcast on German radio channels in the framework of the ARD Radiofestival. The interview is available in the archives. Direct link to file.
TV report of E.G.'s visit to her hometown Rača The complete telecast (with other reports) (June 2012)
You can listen to an interview on Polish radio, Jun-2011. (Overdubbed in Polish, but you can often hear the original German, sometimes Slovak.)
Listen to a radio interview made in Barcelona in February 2008. (In Catalan, but the original German can mostly be heard as well.) The interview was originally broadcast on 13-Apr-08 on Catalunya Música, within the framework of the programme "Una tarda a l'Òpera". More info


Here is a link to the page of a fan who keeps track of past broadcasts. See also:
The Pictures & videoclips page, where you can find some links to videos
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