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Discography of Edita Gruberova

Operas: Bellini, Cherubini
Operas: Donizetti
Operas: Gluck, Humperdinck, Janacek
Operas: Mozart
Operas/operettas: Offenbach, Paer, Rossini, Strauss
Operas: Verdi
Mozart arias & concert arias
Other arias, duets, operetta, coloratura pieces
Oratorios, symphonies, cantatas
Sacred / Xmas music, children's songs
Lieder / Lieder duets, other songs
Video, laserdisc, DVD, CD-ROM

Contents of each entry in the discography (optional items are in square brackets):
[Composer:] [Title] No. of CDs [Duration] Type of recording (e.g. ADD)
Label [Number] [(Alternative labels/numbers)] [Date of copyright] Date of production
Recording [live or not] date, place
[Director/stage producer of film]
[Orchestra, choir,] conductor or performer (voice or instrument)
[Participants (with their roles)]
[Individual numbers (tracks) on the CD(s): [Composer:] Title [Performers] [Duration] ]
[Note(s), related links]
Every reasonable effort has been made to achieve accuracy. However, accuracy is not guaranteed.
The items marked with a + sign are likely to be more accurate, because their source is the CD & video collection of the maintainer of this page.
Only such items are listed which are/were commercially available. Here is a link to the page of a fan who keeps track of broadcasts.
The maintainer of this page is indebted to Nakamura Akira for his invaluable contribution.
Last updated: 3-Jun-2009