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Gruberova tribute concert in 2022

Under the auspices of the 5th Festival Lyrique en Tronçais, a Gruberova tribute concert will take place:
June 30, 2022, Néris-les-Bains, France, Théâtre André Messager
Klára Kolonits (soprano)
Maxime Neyret (piano)

The programme will consist of arias from Edita Gruberova's repertoire and also of a few arias which she has never sung but could have sung.
Tickets are already on sale. Tickets are not to exact seats but to categories. In addition to the purchase of tickets, it is simultaneously possible to pay a donation of any amount (in EUR) in support of the concert.
Those who donate will have priority in the assignment of seats, and will later be provided access to the recording of the concert. If possible, a simultaneous webcast will also be provided.
Those who do not want to purchase tickets but wish to support the event, can support the concert at (In the line "Other amount" you can specify any amount, in EUR.)
Click here for info on how to reach Néris-les-Bains.
The least complicated (though not the absolute cheapest) way to get to Néris-les-Bains seems to be to fly to Clermont-Ferrand (Air France flies there from Paris CDG) and take a taxi or rent a car, especially if you are pressed for time. If multiple fans team up, they could share the expenses. Please indicate your interest to the maintainer of this page or to the organizers of the festival.
Nearest train stations: Montluçon and Commentry. Bus timetable Montluçon - Néris-les-Bains and Commentry - Néris-les-Bains (Note: The concert will still be in the schoolyear, "Période scolaire". Certain buses require a reservation at least the day before, by phone.)
Other info on reaching Néris-les-Bains
Other practical infos can be found on the homepage of the festival, under "Autres infos".
Relevant links:
Announcement (poster) of the concert
Tickets can be purchased through the Réservations submenu, it is possible to offer additional donations to the festival there, and later in the purchase process also to the organization HelloAsso which manages the ticket purchase system in a non-profit way.
(The interface is in French only.)
Recent video of Klára Kolonits singing the finale of Maria Stuarda (this was her debut in the role). Low-resolution version

Last updated: 17-Jun-2022