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List of selected printed literature (which is not available online):
The language of the material is also indicated if not English.

  • Interview in the Jul-Aug 2019 issue of Opernglas

  • Markus Thiel: "Edita Gruberova - Der Gesang ist mein Geschenk"
    Book published by Bärenreiter Henschel, 2012.
    ISBN 3761822626, 9783761822623, in German.
    256 pages, with color & black-and-white photos
    Info on the website of the publisher
    A sampler of the book (chapter titles & intro).
    Slovak edition: 2018. Publisher: Slovart. EAN: 9788055614380

  • Niel Rishoi: "Edita Gruberova - Ein Portrait"
    Book published by Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag, Zürich und Mainz, 1996.
    ISBN 3-254-00192-3, in German. (No English edition exists yet.)
    With a CD containing excerpts from Nightingale CDs.
    Japanese edition (without CD) by the publisher Ongaku-no Tomosha, 1999. ISBN: 4-276-21775-X.
    Slovak edition: 2005, with a different CD. Publisher: Slovart. ISBN: 80-8085-041-0.
    Review of the Slovak edition
    More info.

  • J. B. Steane: Voices - Singers & Critics - Amadeus Press, Portland, Oregon

  • Thomas P. Lanier: Coloratura Delight - Edita Gruberova, Zerbinetta Extraordinaire, Carries on A Rich Tradition
    (Article with interview) Opera News, October 1979

  • Interview (with Peter Blaha, in German) - Das Opernglas, July/August 1991

  • Herbert Glass: A Noted Quartet of CD Bargain Beauties for '94
    Los Angeles Times, January 23, 1994
    (about the 1979 recording of Bach Cantatas)

  • Gabriele Luster: Eine fesselnde Seelenlandschaft - Brillanter Belcantogesang: "Lucia di Lammermoor" im Münchner Nationaltheater
    Münchner Merkur, 21. Oct. 1991. (in German)

  • Grazia Pulvirenti: Il mistero del talento - L'Opera No. 56, Aprile 1992
    (Review of the "Beatrice di Tenda" CD, in Italian & English)

  • Review of a Vienna "Lucia" by Grazia Pulvirenti - L'Opera No. 61, Ottobre 1992
    (in Italian & English)

  • In Alt - Edita Gruberová talks to Hugh Canning - Gramophone, 2/1993

  • P. Blaha: I Puritani (review of the 2-May-94 Vienna performance) Das Opernglas, June 1994 (in German)

  • J.M. Wienecke: La Sonnambula (review of the 19-Nov-94 performance in Köln) - Das Opernglas, Jan. 1995 (in German)

  • M. Lehnert: Linda di Chamounix (review of the 28-Jan-95 Zurich performance) Das Opernglas, March 1995 (in German)

  • Niel Rishoi: (Review of the La Traviata CD) - The Opera Quarterly, Vol. 11, #2, 1995

  • Fodor Géza: Gruberova és...? (review of the Teldec Lucia & Traviata) - Muzsika, Oct. 1995 (in Hungarian)

  • Csengery Kristóf: (review of the 9-Sept-95 Budapest concert) - Muzsika, Nov. 1995 (in Hungarian)

  • Grazia Pulvirenti: Quel luogo dove sfumano gli addii - L'Opera No. 91, Novembre 1995
    (Review of a Munich "Lucia", in Italian)

  • Joachim Kaiser: Belcanto-Sterilität - Donizettis "Anna Bolena" im Münchner Nationaltheater - Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2. Nov. 1995. (in German)

  • Gabriele Luster: Jonathan Millers spannungsarme Inszenierung von Donizettis "Anna Bolena" am Münchner Nationaltheater
    Münchner Merkur, 2. Nov. 1995. (in German)

  • J. Bartels: Anna Bolena (review of the 30-Oct-95 Munich performance) Das Opernglas, Dec. 1995 (in German)

  • P. Blaha: Ariadne auf Naxos (review of the 25-Apr-96 Vienna performance) Das Opernglas, June 1996 (in German)

  • E. Thomas Glasow: (Review of the I Puritani CD) - Gramophone

  • J. B. Steane: (review of the Anna Bolena & Fille du Régiment CDs) - Gramophone, September 1996

  • Nicola Salmoiraghi: Persa fra i cieli di Walter Scott
    - Edita Gruberova, l'astrazione lunare di un canto metafisico
    L'Opera No. 102, Novembre 1996 (in Italian)

  • Kertész Iván: Az énekmüvészet virtuóza járt Budapesten
    - Népszava, 4-Feb-97 (review of the 30-Jan-97 Budapest concert, in Hungarian)

  • Tallián Tibor: A kivétel törvénye - Gruberova Budapesten - Muzsika, April 1997 (review of the 30-Jan-97 Budapest concert, in Hungarian)

  • Interview - Das Opernglas, Jul/Aug-97 (in German)

  • Interview - To Bima, 7-Sep-97 (in Greek)

  • Interview - Profil, 13-Oct-97 (in German)

  • Interview - Opernwelt, Nov-97 (in German)

  • Interview - "Schweizer Illustrierte", 16-Nov-98 (in German)

  • Interview - "Muzsika" March-99 (in Hungarian)

  • Interview - "Fono Forum", May-99 (in German)

  • Interview - BUNTE, 27/1999 (in German)

  • Interview in the May-99 issue of the German magazine "Fono Forum" (in German)

  • Interview - "Scala" (German music magazine), Sept/Oct-99 (in German)

  • Article, with sample CD, in the German music magazine Amadeo (Fall/Winter Edition No.2/99) (in German)

  • Interview - "Annabelle" (Swiss magazine) No. 23/99 (in German)

  • Book: "Divas", by Agnès Gerhards. (Gruberova is one of the interviewed singers.) Éditions du Seuil, 2000, ISBN 2020225603 (In French) More info about the book.

  • Book: Divas In Their Own Words, by Andrew Palmer
    The Vernon Press, 2000, ISBN 0953901408

  • Interview in the 2001 yearbook of the Vienna State Opera (issued by the Freunde der Wiener Staatsoper) (in German)

  • Foreword written by Edita Gruberova in the book "Wiener Staatsoper - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen", Henschel Verlag, 2001, ISBN 3894873965 (in German)

  • Interview in the (free) magazine "KlassikAkzente" (02/2002) (in German)

  • Interviews in the (free) magazine "Rondo Magazin" (03/1999, 03/2002) (in German)

  • Interview with Alessandro Anghinoni in the September 2002 issue of "Opernwelt" (in German)

  • Interview with Kevin Clarke in "Oper Aktuell", the 2004 yearbook of the Bavarian State Opera (in German)

  • Portrait/interview in the 14-Aug-2010 issue of the Freizeit magazine of the Austrian paper "Kurier" (in German)

  • Interview in the Oct-2010 edition of the Austrian theater magazine "Bühne" (in German)

  • Interview in the Jan-2011 issue of the German magazine "Fono Forum" (in German)

  • Article/interview in the March 2011 issue of "Opernwelt" (in German)

  • Interview in the 30-Mar-2012 issue of the daily "Frankfurter Rundschau" (in German)

Addendum: Publications of music and theatre critic Viera Polakovičová about E.G. (courtesy of Ms. Polakoviĉová):
Berichte von Viera Polakovičová in Večerník, Hudobný Život, SME, DenníkN
1. "Z pódí plných zážitkov", recenzie na koncerty a operné predstavenia - ŠKO, Simona Šaturová, SND Maškarný bál s P. Dvorským a P. Capuccillim, SF, SFZ, Pešek, Jenisová, Štolfová, Kundlák, Galla, Viedenská Štátna opera, Nápoj Lásky s Editou Gruberovou, in Večerník 17/4/1990
2. "Gruberovej návrat do Francúzska", recenzia na premiéru opery Dcéra pluku G. Donizettiho, Edita Gruberová v Opere Nice, in Hudobný Život č. 5/1999
3. "Die Koloraturprimadona Edita Gruberová an der Wiener Staatsoper", Roberto Devereux, in Slovenský rozhlas, Deutsche Redaktion, 6/2002
4. Vianoce v Bratislave s Editou Gruberovou, Pavlom Bršlíkom a Richardom Švedom, in SME, 18/12/2018
5. Po Prahe, Viedni a Berlíne sa Edita Gruberová rozlúčila s operným javiskom v Mníchove, spievať však chce ďalej, in DenníkN, 1/4/2019
Slowakischer Rundfunk
6. Magazine international de la Slovaquie - Le retour de Edita Gruberova en Slovaquie, in France Musique, Radio France Paris, 23/1/1992
7. Edita Gruberová im Gespräch, in Slovenský rozhlas, Deutsche Redaktion, 5/ 1999
8. Die Koloratursopranistin Edita Gruberová an der Wiener Staatsoper, Roberto Devereux, in Slovenský rozhlas, Deutsche Redaktion, 5/2001
9. Interview Edita Gruberová 70, in Slovenský rozhlas - Rádio Devín,12/2016
10. Interview - Edita Gruberová sa v Mníchove rozlúčila s operným javiskom, in Slovenský rozhlas - Rádio Devín, 12/4/2019
11. Edita Gruberová dankt ab, Interview, in Slovenský rozhlas, Deutsche Redaktion, 19/4/2019
12. Edita Gruberová, Goodwill Envoy, awarded by the Slovak foreign minister, in Slovenský rozhlas - Rádio Devín

A list of further literature can be found in Niel Rishoi's book.  
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