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Recent updates to the Fan Page:
Memorial event scheduled for 17-Apr-2023 in London More info (9-Mar-23)
The videorecording of the Gruberova Memorial Concert of June 30, with soprano Klára Kolonits, will be shown in Ainay-le-Château on 28-Dec. (27-Dec-22)
The very last bows she took after her last concert (23-Dec-2022)
There is an exhibition in her memory, in Bratislava (in the castle, until May 1, 2023) (More info below) (23-Dec-2022)
The closing two tributes by Niel Rishoi: 1 2 (27-Oct-22)
More tributes by Niel Rishoi: 1 2 3 (11-Oct-22)
The identities of buyers for more objects in the auction: see details below (11-Oct-22)
For a few objects in the Dorotheum auction, the identity of the buyer is known. Details below. (13-Sep-22)
Her pink concert dress is also exhibited at the SND now (13-Sep-22)
The current EG exhibition in Bratislava shows photos from her career, some have been posted on Facebook (12-Sep-22)
Using funds allocated to the purpose, Slovak cultural instititutions managed to acquire several important objects at the auction (12-Sep-22)
In this short radio report it is said that there were not only collectors and fans but also museums among the bidders at the auction (8-Sep-22)
Posting and video of the auction house Dorotheum (8-Sep-22)
Exhibition "LA GRUBEROVÁ" in Bratislava (8-Sep-22)
Report on the 30-Jun memorial concert in France (17-Aug-22)
On September 10, 2022 there will be a memorial concert in Bratislava (2/17-Aug-22)
Objects from E.G.'s estate will be auctioned off on 7-Sep-2022. More info below. (22-Jun-22)
Donation link updated on the tribute concert page (17-Jun-22)
Donation link and access info added to the tribute concert page (7-May-22)
Video recording of the 19-Mar hommage session at La Scala (7-May-22)
Tribute concert on June 30, 2022 in France (2-May-2022)
There will be an "Hommage" program at La Scala, on 19-Mar from 17:00 (16-Mar-22)
Tribute page updated (22-Jan-22)
Video of a fabulous concert (Bratislava, 1997) (22-Jan-22)
Photos from the 2019 tour in China (22-Jan-22)
Account of the memorial concert updated (pictures etc.) (17-Nov-21)
An account of the memorial concert (16-Nov-21)
A suggestion: Fans not being able to attend the memorial concert in Bratislava could burn a candle in Edita's memory when the concert takes place on 14-Nov at 16:00 CET. (6-Nov-21)
Memorial concert (5-Nov-21)
A message from the family about the burial (see below) (25-Oct-21)
See tributes and obituaries below (20/28-Oct-21)
Memorial page and a possibility to send your condolences to the family (20-Oct-21)
Very sad news (18-Oct-2021)
Slovak awards to E.G.: 1 2 (see below in more detail) (6-Sep-21)
Three well-known opera costumes of Ms. Gruberova were auctioned off on 29-Jun-2021, online: Elisabetta Lucia Gilda (27-Jun/6-Sep-21)
The master class in Bad Häring (Tyrol, Austria) has been cancelled (20-Apr-21)
Minor update to the list of stage roles (22-Mar-21)
ICMA Special Award for Lifetime Achievement (see also below) (1-Feb-2021)
Slovak interview with Roland Kern Tóth (Košice State Theater) about the Roberto Devereux production which was eventually cancelled (1-Feb-2021)
Czech radio interview (recorded in 2018 in Prague) (1-Feb-2021)
Reviews of the Decca CD reissue of the 1978 Barclay Zauberflöte: 1 2 (1-Feb-2021)
Posting by the Košice State Theater: a tribute (19-Nov-20)
Ms. Gruberova has cancelled the Košice performances and decided never to be on stage again. (You can check today's post about it on Facebook) (17-Nov-20)
Devereux performances in Košice postponed, rehearsals suspended (6-Nov-20)
The visit of the Slovak President to Switzerland (E.G. was to sing in her honor on October 22) has been postponed (20-Oct-20)
According to the homepage of the theatre rehearsals for the Roberto Devereux production are going on in Košice, with special Covid measures (17-Oct-20)
First time on CD: the 1978 Barclay recording of the Magic Flute will be reissued by Decca (14-Oct-20)
According to the homepage of the Slovak Philharmonic, the 10-Oct concert in Bratislava has been cancelled (1-Oct-20)
According to the radio station BR-Klassik which interviewed E.G's agent Dr. Hilbert, E.G. will sing for the Slovak President on 22-Oct in Bern, then perhaps Devereux in Košice and then she will close her career (14-Sep-20)
The concert in Firenze has been cancelled. More info (12-Sep-20)
According to a press conference announcement (see:
1, 2). E.G. will sing in a staged production of Roberto Devereux in Košice on 27-Nov and 1-Dec (4-Sep-20)
French review of the newly issuded 1977 "Don Pasquale" DVD (28-Aug-20)
The 1977 telecast of "Don Pasquale" now available on DVD (10-Aug-20)
The Klagenfurt concert has been cancelled (23-Jul-20)
The masterclass in Wörgl has been cancelled (9-Jun-20)
The masterclass in Lübeck has been cancelled (24-Apr-20)
The June 14 recital in Firenze has been postponed to October 3. (11/13-Apr-20)
50th anniversary of Vienna debut (10-Feb-20)
Looks like the Roberto Devereux production in Munich will be discontinued, as costumes from it were offered for sale (10-Feb-20)
Review of the 20-Dec recital in Gersthofen (23-Dec-19)
E.G. has been included in the "Best Of 2019: OperaWire's Top 11 Singers Of The Year" list (19-Dec-19)
Video report of the 2019 China tour (19-Dec-19)
Article on the occasion of the forthcoming recital in Gersthofen Related press release (12-Dec-19)
Glyndebourne data added to the Roles list and the Links (12-Dec-19)
Peter Valentovič dismissed as music director of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, E.G. calls this "a shame and a disgrace" (see more below) (3-Nov-19)
Chinese review of the 9-Oct concert in Beijing (29-Oct-19)
Report of the China tour with rehearsal photo (29-Oct-19)
Applause & autograph session photos from Xiamen, 1-Oct (2-Oct-19)
Review & photos of the concert in Xiamen, China, 1-Oct (2-Oct-19)
Article & photos of press conference in China (2-Oct-19)
"Oper! Award" for E.G. (see details below) (23-Sep-19)
The 2019 yearbook of the German magazine Opernwelt contains an E.G. interview Read the beginning (23-Sep-19)
E.G.'s 1974 recording of Emil Berlanda's Cantata is freely available online (CD1, tracks 4-7) (13-Sep-19)
Russian interview (27-Aug-19)
Benefit concert planned for 25-Aug in Kežmarok, Slovakia, under the artistic patronage of E.G. More info: 1 2 (in Slovak) 3 (in German) (14-Aug-19)
Kufstein Fledermaus review with photos: 1 2 3 4 (7-Aug-19)
E.G. was surprise guest at the premiere of Fledermaus in Kufstein (see additional info below) (5-Aug-19)
Short Slovak report of the recent masterclass, with photo (1-Aug-19)
Another review of the Kiel recital (26-Jul-19)
Review of the 23-Jul recital in Kiel (25-Jul-19)
Report and photo gallery of the closing concert of the masterclass (19-Jul-19)
Dutch review of a concert in Amsterdam in 1992 (19-Jul-19)
Interview made at the masterclass (18-Jul-19)
TV report of the masterclass in Bad Häring (17-Jul-19)
The July-August 2019 issue of Opernglas has an interview with E.G. (4-Jul-19)
Photo of E.G. at the Tchaikovsky Competition in St. Petersburg (24-Jun-19)
E.G. is a member of the jury in the 16th International Tchaikovsky Competition in St. Petersburg Related article (5-Jun-19)
Article about the master class planned for July (22-May-19)
Another Regensburg review (20-May-19)
Reviews of the Regensburg recital: 1 2 (15-May-19)
The BSO's video post about the stage farewell performance One more Frankfurt review (29-Apr-19)
Reviews of the 23-Apr-19 recital in Frankfurt: Article Audio review (25-Apr-19)
Interview on Czech Radio Vltava (16-Apr-19)
Another review of the 7-Apr recital (10-Apr-19)
Review of the 7-Apr recital in Munich (9-Apr-19)
Slovak article about the stage farewell (with great photos) (9-Apr-19)
Hungarian interview (from Feb-2019) (also here) (1-Apr-19)
Further reviews, curtain calls of the last Devereux (see below) (1/4-Apr-19)
The last stage performance was on March 27, 2019 in Munich in Roberto Devereux, see related material below (29-Mar-19)
Devereux curtain call videos: 1 2 3 (25-Mar-19)
More Devereux reviews: 1 2 3 (25-Mar-19)
Munich Devereux reviews: 1 2 3 (19-Mar-19)
Munich Devereux applause photos & videos are available on the Facebook page (19-Mar-19)
Interested listeners may also attend the master class in July, see the schedule page for details (7-Mar-19)
New book "Bel Canto", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Wiener Staatsoper, includes a photo of E.G. (7-Mar-19)
Short video documentary about the 9-Feb-2019 Lucia in Budapest: E.G. in the Erkel Theatre (4-Mar-19)
TV report/interview about the recent Lucias in Budapest (19-Feb-19)
Review: the Lucias in Budapest (18-Feb-19)
Review of the 13-Feb Lucia in Budapest (15-Feb-19)
A comment on the Lucias in Vienna (w/ Peretyatko) and Budapest (w/ E.G.) (15-Feb-19)
Post of the Budapest intendant about divas, the Lucia and a possible 2020 concert date (12-Feb-19)
Review of the 9-Feb Lucia in Budapest (12-Feb-19)
Photo gallery of the Budapest Lucia (12-Feb-19)
Vesselina Kasarova about E.G. in interview (12-Feb-19)
Italian review of the 10-Dec-2018 concert in Berlin (12-Feb-19)
Post and photos made after the 23-Jun-2018 concert in the Vienna State Opera (12-Feb-19)
Master class to be held in Austria in July 2019 (10-Feb-19)
Budapest Lucia applause photos & videos can be seen on the Facebook page (10-Feb-19)
Article on the occasion of the forthcoming Lucia in Budapest (5-Feb-19)
Opera magazine, including photos of the V4 opera galas in 2018 (see page 64) (5-Feb-19)
Zoran Todorovich interview, with a mention of E.G. (5-Feb-19)
Recent Slovak TV documentary now available online (30-Jan-2019)
The concert planned for Kassel has been cancelled (23-Jan-2019)
Bulgarian review of the 10-Dec concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin (11-Jan-19)
Postings on the occasion of E.G.'s 72nd birthday: 1 2 (24-Dec-18)
Available online: The TA3 TV telecast ("Bravo") of 21-Dec, documentary about the 16-Dec-2018 Christmas concert in Bratislava (24-Dec-18)
Slovak review of the 16-Dec Christmas concert (20-Dec-18)
The recorded Christmas concert of 16-Dec (20-Dec-18)
E.G. gets award from her native city Bratislava: 1 2 (13-Dec-18)
Reviews, reports of the 10-Dec farewell concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin: 1 2 3 4 5 (12-Dec-18)
Article on the occasion of the farewell concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin (12-Dec-18)
The complete text of this Slovak interview from 2016 has become available (12-Dec-18)
The Slovak edition of the biography by Markus Thiel has been published (21-Nov-18)
Hungarian review of the farewell concert of 28-Oct in Tokyo (12-Nov-18)
Audience members' postings about the current tour in Japan: 1 2 (24-Oct-2018)
In her recital in Osaka and her orchestral concert in Omiya, Ms. Gruberova sang Cio-Cio-san's entrance aria (new in her repertoire) (24-Oct-2018)
Melanka Kušnírová (1930-2018) (19-Oct-2018)
Tribute to Mr. Zoltán Sánta (1957-2018) (20-Sep-18)
Review of the Mozart Concert Arias CD of 1991 (20-Sep-18)
Reviews of the 1978 Lucia recording, issued for the 50th anniversary: 1 2 (14-Aug-18)
Post of the Münchner Rundfunkorchester on the occasion of the anniversary (19-Jul-18)
Review of the new CD on BR-Klassik (10-Jul-18)
Reviews of the anniversary gala in Munich: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (5/10-Jul-18)
Photo gallery of the exhibition in Vienna (28-Jun-18)
The fliers thrown on 23-Jun (27-Jun-18)
New 2019 recital dates added to the schedule (26-Jun-18)
More Vienna photos, reviews linked to the 50th anniversary section below (26-Jun-18)
See reviews, photos, videos, TV report of the anniversary gala in Vienna below (25-Jun-18)
Article in Online Merker (21-Jun-17)
Article in Die Presse (21-Jun-17)
Logo for the 50th anniversary (18-Jun-18)
Review of the anniversary CD on BR-Klassik (18-Jun-18)
Prague Norma review (18-Jun-18)
There is a Gruberova exhibition in the Mahler-Saal of the Wiener Staatsoper (source: Prolog magazine) (14-Jun-18)
New CDs for the 50th stage anniversary: The 1978 Lucia (Vienna) on Orfeo Aria CD on BR-Klassik (11-Jun-18)
Norma curtain call video (Prague, probably June 2) (11-Jun-18)
Prague Norma review (11-Jun-18)
Norma in Prague: Photo gallery Photo gallery of the afterparty on June 2 Instagram post (6-Jun-18)
Norma in Prague: Spontaneous autograph session at the artists' entrance; Fans' photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (1-Jun-18)
Photo galleries, Norma, May 18: 1 2 (25-May-18)
Review of the Norma of May 18 (22-May-18)
Czech TV report on E.G. and Norma (22-May-18)
Photos from the general rehearsal of Norma (22-May-18)
Norma rehearsal photos (17-May-18)
Czech article about the forthcoming Normas in Prague (17-May-18)
Further Lucrezia reviews: 1 2 (17-May-18)
27-Apr Lucrezia curtain call video (1-May-18)
Lucrezia photo gallery stage photo (EG and JDF) (1-May-18)
27-Apr Lucrezia reviews: 1 2 3 (1-May-18)
E.G. attended a performance of "Maria Stuarda" in Zurich (20-Apr-18)
Parts 1 and 2 of Niel Rishoi's concluding series of tributes (12-Apr-18)
Niel Rishoi's 6th post for the anniversary (9-Apr-18)
Niel Rishoi's 5th post for the anniversary (5-Apr-18)
Niel Rishoi's 4th post for the anniversary (22-Mar-18)
Niel Rishoi's 3rd post for the anniversary (13-Mar-18)
Niel Rishoi's 2nd post for the anniversary The 1st post (6/8-Mar-18)
Archive photo: At Anna Bolena in Munich, with Prince Charles (6-Mar-18)
Review of the anniversary concerts in Berlin (6-Mar-18)
Photo gallery from E.G.'s roles in Zurich (6-Mar-18)
Another photo gallery of the anniversary concert (22-Feb-18)
Another review of the anniversary concert (22-Feb-18)
The 50th stage anniversary was celebrated on February 18 (see below) (21/22-Feb-18)
Anagram for E.G.'s name (16-Feb-18)
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