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Schedule of Edita Gruberova

This list is not entirely official. It has been compiled from diverse (Internet & other) sources and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Dates are preliminary and subject to change without notice. Corrections, additions are welcome.
Format of dates: day. month (or day., day., [day.,] month); day. month .... (month in bold style)
Date(s)             Location Event / title of opera Programme / role Other performers Remarks / relevant links
16.12. Bratislava, new building of the Slovak National Theater Christmas concert   Pavol Breslik, Richard Šveda, Peter Valentovič (cond.) More info More info
Tickets can be bought in person at the new building of the SND, or by phone: +421 2 204 72 289 (source: e-mail from Koncerty, s.r.o.)
More info (Facebook)
From abroad, tickets can be paid by money transfer (you can order in e-mail from the SND, in Slovak or German).
The concert will be telecast live on TV TA3 which has a livestream.
9.,13.2. Budapest, Erkel Theatre of the Hungarian State Opera Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor Lucia Peter Valentovič (cond.) More info: 9-Feb 13-Feb
Tickets are on sale
Vocal score
Full score
Libretto: Italian, German, English-Italian, English (DOC), Spanish, Hungarian
20.2. Regensburg, Audimax Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) Begins at 20:00.More info & tickets (organizer's page)
Tickets (, with seat selection)
28.2. Gersthofen (near Augsburg), Stadthalle Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) Tickets are on sale, online and by phone: 0821 2491 550, 0821 777 3410 (from abroad, dial 49 instead of the first 0)
17.,20.,23.,27.3. Munich, Bayerische Staatsoper Donizetti: Roberto Devereux Elisabetta   More info
Libretto: Italian & Spanish, Italian & German, English (DOC), Hungarian
7.4. Munich, Herkulessaal Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) Tickets 1 Tickets 2 (different seats, different prices)
23.4. Oper Frankfurt Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) More info, tickets
Tickets are already on sale
5.7. Kassel, Kongress Palais Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) Unconfirmed
23.7. Kieler Schloss Recital   Peter Valentovič (piano) More info & tickets
Tickets are already on sale
Further dates are in preparation          

In addition to the list above, the following links may also give info on E.G.'s future performances:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Last updated: 12-Dec-2018